Congratulations on nearing the time for the birth of your baby. Please see under birth preference sheet for an example of a birth plan.

At El Camino Health some birth practices are standard.

Usually there is continuous monitoring of your baby when you are in active labor.  However, that does not mean that you are bedridden.  We have remote monitoring so you may walk around.  However, you cannot leave the labor and delivery unit.  If you want intermittent monitoring, we will try to accommodate you but often that is not possible due to staffing requirements.

You may receive anesthesia such as Nitrous Oxide, IV pain medication, or an epidural.  You may also forego anesthesia.  The choice is yours.

You may labor and push in any position.  However, at the time of delivery, we request that you lie on your back.  That is because our doctors have the most experience delivering in that position and therefore, there will be less tearing in that position.

Most birthing partners choose to cut the cord and are encouraged to do so.  We do not allow birthing partners to assist in delivery of the baby.  Generally, the cord is clamped and cut after a one-to-two-minute delay.

After birth, the baby is placed on your abdomen for skin-to-skin contact.  The infant is dried on your belly.  The nurses weigh the baby and get measurements on a warmer in the room when you are ready.  Then, the baby is returned to you.

If the birth is by Cesarean Section, your birthing partner will not be able to cut the cord because it is a sterile field.  However, the baby is placed on your chest while we continue surgery, or the baby is given to your birthing partner to hold next to you while we finish surgery.  Your birthing partner will leave the operating room with the baby while you are being cleaned, dressed and transferred to the bed after surgery is concluded.  You will then be transferred to the recovery room across the hall to reunite with your baby and birthing partner.

The baby rooms in with you at all times unless you ask for the baby to be sent to the nursery.  It is expected that you will breastfeed, and the baby is not given any formula without your knowledge and consent.  Breastfeeding will occur soon after delivery, when the infant shows signs of rooting.

The baby bath will occur after 24 hours.  Studies have shown that the delay provides a safety net for the immune system that helps the baby fight infections.

OB/GYN Doctors of Silicon Valley will do all we can to allow you to shape the birth experience according to your preferences. We will do our best to honor your wishes while keeping the health of you and your baby our top priority.